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Welcome to My Website

I'm a d20-rolling, photo-taking designer with a passion for all things creative.

Photography was my introduction into the creative world. In 2004, I got my hands on a copy of Photoshop 7.0 and a Canon point-and-shoot. From there, I quickly found that I wanted to learn all things related to digital creation.

In 2010, I began my formal education at the University of Cincinnati. My main focus was Electronic Media, with a minor in psychology. My plan was to learn to create media using psychological principles to create moods and feelings. I studied color principles, lighting setups, and editing techniques to help my photos, videos, and illustrations achieve the feel I was going for. I also learned the basics of audio recording, video editing, and website creation. All of these being disciplines I had an interest in learning, but didn't have the tools to start.
Illustration of a d20 dice.
Illustration of a camera.
Illustration of the pen tool.

After college, I expanded my skill-sets even further. I started my own business, completed commercial work, and made time for personal projects. In addition to expanding my knowledge of website creation, I studied best practices for SEO, marketing, and 3-D printing. At my current position, I took the initiative to learn and launch our Google Ads campaign. Through this, I've learned how to set up an effective online marketing campaign with an ROI at ~385%.