D&D Resources

Some fun webpages for Dungeons and Dragons

Dungeons and Dragons has been a fun hobby of mine for a while now (almost 5 years as of writing this.) I started with a passive interest as a good friend of mine has been working on making his own system on and off for the past 7 years, which got me to understand some of the base concepts. It definitely took some time for me to shrug off some of the negative connotations portrayed by media (it being geeky and lame) but once I jumped in I immediately fell in love with the concept.

My first introduction was a system called Pathfinder; a kind of fan revised version of the 3rd official edition of D&D (confusing I know.) It was very overwhelming at first. The amount numbers and rules to memorize was a more than I was expecting. Luckily, the first group I played with was very loose on rules and focused more on the experience than following rules to a T.

Over the course of a year this group taught me the fun of creative group story telling and how therapeutic it can be to work together to solve puzzles. This group ended up disbanding as we began moving to different areas, but the time together will always be a highlight and the memories ever preserved as scribbles in a little hand notebook I kept for notes. Since then I’ve moved on to new systems and new groups. My current big games use 5th edition and Starfinder and meets remotely. And after years of playing I’m finally venturing into the role of hosting my own game.

That said I’d like to share some of my favorite tools I’ve found online that can help bring a little more life to your game!


Roll20 is my favorite online resource for RPGs. This website allows you to play virtual sessions with others on a virtual grid map. Players and game masters can upload custom assets, draw on the board and use tons of character sheets from different RPGs. The site also comes with video/mic support as well as a slew of cool chat commands for rolling dice, speaking in or out of character and private messaging other players. The learning curve can be a little steep compared to the other resources on here, but that’s due to how much this one service offers.

Price: free with paid tiers available for additional features.

2 Min Token Editor

This fun site allows for quick and easy customized tokens that integrate well with roll20. Simply choose a character that looks similar to yours, customize the colors and you’re good to export and use how you wish! Great for both players and game masters as the uniformed style can really help make your online game look more professional. 2MTT also offers paid maps and encounters if you’re looking for additional assets or fun fights for your players.

Price: Free for the token creator, maps and encounters vary.

RPG Map Editor 2

An incredible in browser (or downloadable program) to make quick maps with an easy tool-set. This is my go to map maker due to its light weight, style and lighting features. In addition to the included assets (all of which can be customized via color) you are also able to import your own images as assets.

Price: Free (with the option to support the creator)

Chimera Painter

Interested in having some custom monsters in your campaign but don’t have the time/effort to make some unique art? Let AI make it for you! This fun tool allows you to draw a monster design and then adds color and texture to bring it to life! You’re even able to upload your own images in case you’d like to use a drawing program with a bit more control. The AI can be a little funky with some designs, but for a free and quick tool it works wonders.

Price: Free.

Medieval Fantasy City Generator

Did your players venture into a town you weren’t expecting? Get a map made in one click, complete with different districts and names. You can also make adjustments to the layout with built in controls to make districts as big or small as you need. With simple controls and an excellent art style it’s an easy way to add flair to your next story. Bonus; the webpage also links to 3D viewer where your map is rendered in browser.

Price: Free